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Experiencing the Grand National at Aintree Racecourse transcends mere spectating; it’s an immersion into a tradition rich in history and excitement. Choosing the best Grand National Hospitality package can elevate this experience, blending luxury with the thrilling atmosphere of one of the most iconic horse races in the world. The Platinum Lounge Aintree, Princess Royal Stand, and the Earl of Derby Terrace offer unparalleled views and amenities, ensuring an unforgettable race day.

What is the best Grand National Hospitality?

The Platinum Lounge Aintree stands out for its exclusive services and prime location, offering guests a luxurious environment from which to enjoy the races. Similarly, the Princess Royal Stand provides exceptional views of the racecourse, combined with premium dining options and access to private betting areas. Both options embody the pinnacle of Grand National hospitality, where elegance and excitement meet.

What is grand national dress code for hospitality?

Adhering to the Grand National dress code for hospitality areas is crucial. Gentlemen are typically expected to wear smart attire, including suits or jackets with collared shirts, while ladies often opt for elegant dresses paired with hats or fascinators. This dress code enhances the day’s prestige, adding to the event’s storied tradition.

Ticket Insights: Earl of Derby Terrace and Lord Sefton Terrace

For those wondering about Grand National hospitality tickets, prices vary depending on the package and location. The Earl of Derby Terrace and Lord Sefton Terrace offer distinct experiences. The former provides a more intimate view of the races, while the latter is known for its lively atmosphere and exceptional sightlines. Hospitality tickets can range significantly in price, reflecting the level of exclusivity and amenities provided.


Navigating Aintree: Maps and Locations

Locating the Grand National location within Aintree is made easier with a detailed Aintree racecourse map. These maps are invaluable for first-time visitors and seasoned attendees alike, helping to navigate the extensive grounds and locate key areas such as the Platinum Lounge, Princess Royal Stand, Earl of Derby Terrace, and Lord Sefton Terrace. These maps can typically be found on the official Aintree Racecourse website or obtained at the venue.

Can I still get tickets for the Grand National?

As for securing tickets to this prestigious event, the question of whether you can still get tickets for the Grand National often arises as the race day approaches. Availability can be limited due to high demand, especially for premium hospitality areas. It is advisable to book well in advance to ensure access to the desired hospitality experience. The official Aintree Racecourse website and authorized ticketing partners are the best sources for purchasing legitimate tickets.

Aintree Drinks Prices

A consideration for many attendees is the Aintree drinks prices, which can vary across different hospitality areas. While enjoying the luxury of the Platinum Lounge or the panoramic views from the Princess Royal Stand, guests will find a selection of premium beverages. Prices are reflective of the exclusive setting, offering a range of options from fine wines to champagne. It’s wise to budget accordingly for a full and enjoyable day at the races.

How to avoid the crowds at the Grand National

To avoid the crowds at the Grand National, consider arriving early and utilizing hospitality entrances, which are often less congested. Additionally, exploring less crowded areas of the racecourse, such as the Earl of Derby Terrace or Lord Sefton Terrace, can provide a more relaxed experience. Planning your exit strategy to beat the post-race rush can also enhance your day, allowing for a smooth departure from the Grand National location.


Experiencing the Grand National in style is achievable through the various premium hospitality options available at Aintree Racecourse. Whether you prefer the exclusivity of the Platinum Lounge, the panoramic views from the Princess Royal Stand, or the vibrant atmosphere of the Earl of Derby and Lord Sefton Terraces, there’s an option to suit every preference. Remember to dress accordingly, book your tickets early, and plan for the day to fully enjoy the pinnacle of horse racing hospitality at the Grand National.

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