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  • Erin Tridle, a former LA resident now living in Paris, reveals a hidden entry point
  • Her viral TikTok tutorial garnered over 1.5 million views, showcasing a speedy security bypass

Paris’ iconic Louvre Museum, attracting a staggering 30,000 daily visitors, is notorious for its endless queues. However, for those unwilling to endure the wait, insider knowledge unveils a clandestine entrance that promises swift access.

Erin Tridle, now a resident of Paris with her French husband after relocating from Los Angeles, divulges the secret passage in a concise TikTok tutorial. The tutorial, gaining immense traction with over 1.5 million views, steers viewers towards an archway amidst construction, leading to the discreet entrance labeled “Le Carrousel du Louvre.”

The Secret Entrance to The Louvre Museum

Tridle’s guidance directs viewers to descend a stairway and traverse an underground passage, emerging beyond the bustling crowds typically congregating around the Louvre’s main entrance. Emphasizing the importance of pre-purchased tickets, she advises securing online tickets to guarantee entry and seamless presentation to inspectors.

Having personally tested this covert route, Erin attests to its efficiency, recounting her experience of breezing through security and accessing the museum within a mere five minutes. This revelation has garnered appreciation from many viewers, who lauded the tip for its effectiveness in minimizing wait times.

However, not everyone greeted this divulgence warmly. Some expressed concerns that widespread knowledge might lead to increased queues at this clandestine entry. Despite criticisms, Erin, surprised by the unexpected virality of her March 2023 video, continues to share insights about life in France through her TikTok platform, addressing various topics from French cuisine to navigating the healthcare system.

View the secret entrance to The Louvre Museum on Erin’s TikTok tutorial.


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