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Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 3 is currently piloting the groundbreaking Timeslot service, offering selected flights an enhanced travel experience. Travelers can now enjoy the convenience of choosing their security entry time, ensuring a seamless journey through the airport.

Prominent Features:

  • Complimentary Service: Travelers can avail themselves of the benefits of Heathrow Timeslot at no extra cost.

  • Straightforward Booking: The booking process is simplified, making travel preparations easy and efficient.

  • Time Optimisation: Select a security entry time that suits individual schedules, saving valuable time.

  • Group Bookings: The service accommodates group bookings for up to 5 people, streamlining the travel experience for companions.

Essential Information:

  • Eligibility Confirmation: Travelers are advised to check the eligibility of their flights for Heathrow Timeslot on the booking site.

  • Booking Window: Secure a Timeslot up to three days prior to the departure date for added convenience.

  • Latest Booking Times: Travelers can reserve their Timeslots up to 90 minutes before long-haul flights and 60 minutes before short-haul flights.

Booking Procedure:

  1. Flight Eligibility Check: Users are directed to the online booking page to confirm the availability of Heathrow Timeslot for their flights.

  2. Timeslot Reservation: The user-friendly booking tool requires only an email address and flight details, eliminating the need for registration.

  3. QR Code Confirmation: Upon successful booking, travelers receive an email confirmation containing a QR code, serving as their key to a streamlined processing experience.

  4. Arrival at Heathrow: Following baggage check-in, travelers can proceed to the Heathrow Timeslot area, where a dedicated staff member scans the QR code. This directs them to the security lane for boarding pass scanning, allowing a 15-minute window for arrival before or after the scheduled time.

  5. Stress-Free Security Experience: Travelers can anticipate a smooth and stress-free security process, elevating the overall travel experience at Heathrow Terminal 3.

Heathrow Timeslot is transforming the landscape of travel convenience, offering flexibility and efficiency to travelers navigating Terminal 3. Travelers are encouraged to book their Timeslots today and embrace a new era of hassle-free air travel at Heathrow.

Read a review from someone who recently used the service:

App was super friendly, good availibilty and even switched time the day before the slot. At airport, easy to find, signs in ticketing area. I had 8am reservation, arrived at 7:36 and they let me in. Line took 5-7 minutes to get through. 5 stars. Quick access gacev me more time to shop and find gifts for kids.

You can book your timeslot here

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