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Where else would you find an official Queue Guide? It’s that time of year and we are back at Wimbledon. If you are already in the queue and reading the link to the Official Championship Queue Guide it may be too late!

Queuing for #Wimbledon is practically a sport in itself, with enthusiasts competing for the title of “Best Queuer” every year!

 The average length of the #Wimbledon queue is approximately 2 miles, offering a unique opportunity to be in two places at once if you straddle the line!

Join the unofficial fan club for the Wimbledon queue, where dedicated followers proudly wear “I Love Queuing” T-shirts. #FanClub

Introducing the “Queue Card” system at #Wimbledon, ensuring fairness and convenience. Leave temporarily, grab a bite, and return to your saved spot in the queue! #Fairness

Prepare to be amazed! Celebrities and tennis stars surprise queuers at #Wimbledon by serving snacks and drinks. A strawberry from Serena Williams or a cup of tea from Hugh Grant? The wait just got more exciting! #Surprises

View the official Wimbledon queue guide here

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